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Enhancing Smiles with Confidence-Inducing Instruments.

Supreme Dental Tech is a reputable supplier of dental products in India. They have been operating since 2015 and are known for providing complete dental setups for new clinics, as well as offering a wide range of other products required in dental clinics. Their focus is on delivering high-quality products and offering impeccable service to dental professionals.

Supreme Dental takes pride in ensuring the highest degree of service for the products they sell. They are committed to meeting the needs of dental clinics and are readily available to address any concerns or requirements that may arise.

In response to the challenges faced by dentists when purchasing dental products online in India, Supreme Dental established The Dental Material Shop. This online platform aims to provide the best online dental shopping experience in the country. According to their survey, a significant majority of dentists in India (72.34%) prefer to use the services of an online dental distributor.

One of the key challenges identified by dentists was the short expiry periods of dental supplies available through most online dental suppliers. Additionally, the genuineness of these supplies was often in doubt. Many online dental shops in India, even the largest ones, were found to offer cheap dental products that were not 100% genuine or had medium to short expiry dates. Moreover, these sites often fell short of customer expectations regarding longer expiry timelines, quantity guarantees, genuineness, and timely delivery.

Supreme Dental Tech addresses these concerns by ensuring that their products are of professional quality and always authentic. They take care never to sell short expiry products, even if offered at a discount. They are authorized dental distributors for top brands such as Chesa, etc. Furthermore, they strive to have the shortest delivery time among online dental dealers by sourcing products directly from reliable suppliers and working with the best logistics providers.

Our mission is to empower dentists to optimize the efficiency of their clinics while minimizing costs, thereby enabling them to meet their needs effectively.
1. To serve as a comprehensive solution provider for dental clinics, offering a wide range of services and products tailored to their specific requirements.
2. To establish ourselves as the most trusted organization within the dental fraternity, recognized for our commitment to delivering exceptional value and reliable support.

Hemant Bhosale

Hemant Bhosale, the leader of Supreme Dental, possesses extensive experience in serving dentists. He possesses a deep understanding of the requirements of dental professionals and excels at proposing cost-efficient solutions that meet their needs. Hemant is widely recognized and trusted within the dentist fraternity.


Ajay Jat

As the chief engineer, Ajay Jat oversees the complete installation and servicing of dental chairs. With exceptional technical expertise, Ajay ensures zero downtime at the doctors' clinics, guaranteeing seamless operations.


Tukaram Lipne

Tukaram Lipne serves as the chief technician and possesses strong expertise in dental chairs. He provides comprehensive support for all dental chairs and other related products, ensuring their proper functioning.

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